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    • SAS Travel Peru - So much more than you were looking for!
    • SAS Travel Peru - Inca Trail to Machupicchu Licensed Specialist Operator
    • SAS Travel Peru - Experience & Expertise since 1990
    • SAS Travel Peru - Recommended by Lonely Planet
    • SAS Travel Peru - Recommended by Lonely Planet
    • SAS Travel Peru - So much more than you were looking for!
    • SAS Travel Peru - Inca Trail to Machupicchu Licensed Specialist Operator
    • SAS Travel Peru - Experience & Expertise since 1990
    • SAS Travel Peru - So much more than you were looking for!
    • SAS Travel Peru - Inca Trail to Machupicchu Licensed Specialist Operator!
    • SAS Travel Peru - Experience & Expertise since 1990
    • SAS Travel Peru - Recommended by Lonely Planet
    • SAS Travel Peru - Recommended by Lonely Planet
    • SAS Travel Peru - So much more than you were looking for!
    • SAS Travel Peru - Inca Trail to Machupicchu Licensed Specialist Operator
    • SAS Travel Peru - Experience & Expertise since 1990
    • SAS Travel Peru - Recommended by Lonely Planet
    • SAS Travel Peru - So much more than you were looking for!
    • SAS Travel Peru - Inca Trail to Machupicchu Licensed Specialist Operator
    • SAS Travel Peru - Experience & Expertise since 1990
    • SAS Travel Peru - Recommended by Lonely Planet
    • SAS Travel Peru - So much more than you were looking for!
    • SAS Travel Peru - Inca Trail to Machupicchu Licensed Specialist Operator
    • SAS Travel Peru - Experience & Expertise since 1990
    • SAS Travel Peru - Recommended by Lonely Planet
    • SAS Travel Peru - So much more than you were looking for!
    • SAS Travel Peru - Inca Trail to Machupicchu Licensed Specialist Operator
    • SAS Travel Peru - Experience & Expertise since 1990
    • SAS Travel Peru - Recommended by Lonely Planet
    • SAS Travel Peru - So much more than you were looking for!
    • SAS Travel Peru - Inca Trail to Machupicchu Licensed Specialist Operator
    • SAS Travel Peru - Experience & Expertise since 1990
    • SAS Travel Peru - Recommended by Lonely Planet
    • SAS Travel Peru - So much more than you were looking for!
    • SAS Travel Peru - Inca Trail to Machupicchu Licensed Specialist Operator
    • SAS Travel Peru - Experience & Expertise since 1990
VERY IMPORTANT: (Inca Trail permits from Jan 1st - July 30th 2019.) The Classic Inca Trail Trek 4, 5 Days office, has announced that permits will be sold from October 1st, 2018, so we encourage you to book as soon as possible and therefore avoid disappointments.
SAS Travel Peru

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SAS Travel Peru

Price Information

US$ 498.00 p/person

(Based on Double / Triple accommodation)

Please Note

USD$ 498.00 per person (based in Double/Twin room)
$ 475 p/person for Student and Childs


Daily Departures -Upon your request.
2 person group US$ 580 pp
4 person group US$ 540 pp
(Extra $25 pp with Hotel Wiracocha or InkaTower).
If you want the best, book with SAS Travel ! Professional, courteous, knowledgable, caring, fun. Thanks to all the staff both on the trek and behind the scenes that worked tirelessly to ensure the very best experience for their clients.
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SAS Travel Peru

Is it for me?

This hike is available for all ages, and doesn't require you to be in top physical shape. Since your one day hike of 5-6 hours takes you to the town of Aguas Calientes (after of 3-4 Hrs of gentle walk we will reach to Wiñaywayna Inca town on actual Inca trail the nicest and bigest Inca complex which surprise a lot of visitors even more than Machupicchu... , you won´t camp, or carry backpacks only your personal day-pack as we will stay in a Hostal in Aguas Calientes. Private rooms, it is recommended for those having less time or those with less experience in altitude. for families, group of friends or couples.

SAS Travel Peru


This itinerary is rated moderate and should be undertaken by people who are fairly fit and take regular exercise.

SAS Travel Peru SAS Travel Peru


Private transport to Ollantaytambo, tourist Train (Expedition Class) to Kilometer 104 (start of the trek and Train Expedition Class return to Cusco. You can also start from Ollantaytambo for this tour.

Recommended Hotels

We highly recommend MARQUESES Boutique Hotel in Cusco, it is a beautiful and charming Colonial house built at the end of XVI century that has recently been restored and refurbished, located just one block from Cusco`s mayor Plaza. This great location is part of its popularity, close to all of the most important tourist attractions in the famous capital of Inca`s Empire. Well known for its incomparable hospitality and professional service. We can reserve the hotel and transfers you from the airport on your arrival and back on your return, you will enjoy a safe visit, wonderful attention and be pleasantly surprised by the warmth of the Andean Hospitality.

Due to the safe and strategic location you are within easy walking distance of the many historical places, museums, restaurants, cultural, artistic and traditional places of the Imperial Inca City.
SAS Travel Tour Operator & Agency offices are located alongside Hotel Marqueses so we at SAS Travel can assist you at any time.

SAS Travel Peru



Last Minute Information

  • Hike a section of this famous INCA TRAIL, enjoy with beautiful andean landscapes and impressive Inca constructions. Admire and see MACHU PICCHU -twice: at SUNSET and SUNRISE have plenty of time to explore on the 2nd Day... this tour consist in a soft and gentle 5-6 hours walk through Chachabamba then admire Wiñaywayna Inca town, Inti Pata, walk through the Sun gate and arrive to MACHU PICCHU at the afternoon to see the sunset and delight with this unique views, stay in a warm hostal at Aguas Calientes town and next morning early see the SUNRISE at MACHU PICCHU and have a guided tour at the remarkable temples and plazas in this magical and sacred wonder ! Permits are AVAILABLE and we have spaces in our small groups on dates listed below: !**
  • ---
  • Special Price: US$498 per person / US$475 for Student and child under 16 year (5 Person Min -8 Max.) -Based in Double Accomodation.
  • ---
  • NOVEMBER : 14,16,18,20,21,22,24,26,28,30
  • DECEMBER : 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30
  • ---
  • JANUARY 2019: 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30
  • MARCH 2019: 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30
  • APRIL 2019: 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30
  • MAY 2019: 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30
  • JUNE 2019: 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30
  • JULY to DEC 2019: 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30
  • ---
  • On dates NOT listed above and you are 2 person interested in this tour, we can open a new group date with (2 person minimum) $580 per person and offer you a tour in a private service. If by the time and before permits are sold out we get 2 or more person, very likely then the cost of the tour will be $ 498 per person. Book soon:
  • ---
  • OPTIONAL :Add the Walk to Huaynapicchu, after Machu Picchu´s Tour:
  • Huayna Picchu Ticket at 11:00 am on 2nd Day Adult USD$ 85.00 pp
  • Huayna Picchu Ticket at 11:00 am Student UD$ 45.00 with University Student card or under 16 year.
  • ---
  • HOW TO BOOK: See our confirmed departs, select the date on the calendar (left side.) Fill in out with your details and you will generate a code to pay a down payment with Visa or Master Card (US$210.00 per person) or pay US$200.00 per person with PAYPAL. In the “Enter description” field, please write your reservation code and your name. In “Item price” write the amount you would like to pay. If Booking with Huaynapicchu Mt pass you must pay $ 285 plus 5%.
  • ---
  • SAS Travel Highlights:
  • Friendly, knowledgeable and experienced guides.
  • Guided tours of Inca archaeological sites en route to Machu Picchu.
  • Delicious and nutritious freshly cooked gourmet meals using local products.
  • Free baggage storage in Cusco at Hotel Marqueses and in Aguas Calientes.
  • Celebration Dinner in Aguas Calientes.
  • Inca Trail Survivor Certificate signed by your guides.
  • 100% Operated by SAS Travel: we never place you with other tour operators.
  • 24/7 Assistance in our Cusco Office.
  • -- -
  • Special: Get a FREE up-grade to Deluxe room in MARQUESES Hotel in Cusco booking this tour:5 Day Tour Cusco, Sacred Valley, Short Inca Trail.
  • Also: 7 Day Tour with 2 Day Short Inca Trail

Special Offer

BOOK with SAS Travel. GET a 10% Discount in our MARQUESES Boutique Hotel in Suite, Deluxe or Standard rooms plus a FREE pick up from airport at your arrival to Cusco.To reserve write at: [email protected]
Find more information here:
www.hotelmarqueses.com “Charming and Amazing Hotel, Great Location one block near centre, Wonderful Staff and Excellent three star Hotel”. © 2018 TripAdvisor LLC

Last minute reservation or short on time but want to experience the Inca Trail? No worries...then consider to trek our short version of Classic Inca Trail 2 Day/1 Night which include a lovely walk of 16 km to Machu Picchu citadel, passing through famous Gate of the Sun and spectacular views, landscapes of mountains and cloud forest. You’ll also visit Incan archaeological sites along the route, such as Chachabamba, Choquesuysuy and the amazing Winaywayna Complex. Winaywayna, located at 2,700 meters, features impressive agricultural terraces, temples, shrines, and ritual water channels. Nature will also be all around you: hummingbirds, quetzals and cockerels. See the sunset.
Then, of course, you’ll have a full tour of Machu Picchu on Day 2, guided by our expert guide, then with plenty of time to explore the site on your own, to take photographs and contemplate this magical place…or just enjoy and delight the magic of this site.
"...Caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar." Antonio Machado.

Program Itinerary


Pick up from your hotels at 5:00 am to take you on a journey of two hours, with a private transportation to the train station in Ollantaytambo . Here we board the Expedition train, travel by train in an hour and 45 minutes to Km 104 (start of our trek). (Worth the effort of getting up early and go with this train, which allows you to enter and begin our walk early , if we expect the usual train would start at noon. Starting this trip from Ollantaytambo is also suggested -( see our Combo option , the trip to the Sacred Valley wiht a night at Ollantaytambo.) At Km 104 after submitting passport control , we began to walk softly around meters Vilcanota River . Starting the way we will see the ruins of Chachabamba , a stone altar -site that was used to worship the sun and the mountains , still revered by local people . After visiting Chachabamba , continue the path south and started a gradual climb to the mountain , before entering a cloud forest , overgrown , then the trail leaves the forest and goes west while continuing uphill in an open meadow . After walking 3 hours , the road descends into a forest amazing. Here you will find a beautiful waterfall , then get to the bottom of the ruins of Winaywayna . Appreciate the beauty of this place , supplemented with information from our expert guide. After lunch at Winaywayna , we will continue in the afternoon in the cloud forest , filled with bromeliads , orchids and tree ferns . As we walk the last part of the way we pass many impressive features such as the stone stairs and drums ( " resting places " ) . You climb 60 stairs before you reach Inti Punku ( " Sun Gate " ) . From this point, you can see and observe this wonderful place . Then descend for 45 minutes to get to the viewpoint of the famous place , from here you can watch the sunset. Descend to the entry of Machupicchu where we board the bus to Aguas Calientes. Accommodation and Dinner included , rest, plans and arrangements for tomorrow . The thermal baths are a good choice (bring your bathing suit and 10 soles . Overnight at Hotel Viajeros or up-grade accommodation upon your request.
Viajeros Hostel Double, Twin room, also triple rooms. (and single rooms for single supplement). L D
2100m/6888 ft - 2680m/8792 ft. 7 Km aprox. 6 - 7 Hours


Breakfast from 04:30 am then board the first bus to Machu Picchu at 05:20, the park opens at 6:00 am . We have a guided tour of Machu Picchu, this enigmatic and mysterious city is explored for about 2-3 hours explained by your expert guide , you can visit the most amazing places as the Royal Mausoleum , the Temple of the three windows , the main temple , the Sacred Plaza , the famous Intihuatana where wise Inkas tied to the sun in the winter solstice in June , stairways , plazas , fountains, etc. ( You usually have about 5-6 hours after extra time off ) . In high season the train schedules may vary.) After finishing our masterful visit, we walk down to Aguas Calientes 1 hr, (option with bus down to pay $ 12.00 pp) Hotel Viajeros await us with a delicious lunch with our group. Then we have some free time to explore this quaint village before boarding our train back to Cusco. The train departs Aguas Calientes in the afternoon at 16:45 pm and arrives in Cusco ( Poroy train station ) at 8:30 pm , then moved for 25 minutes to Cusco . ( or optional train at 5:00 pm to Ollantaytambo , then a 2 hour trip to Cusco with a van , arrived at approximately 9:00 pm , we offer this alternative option back, more in high season which runs from April to August) .BL. 2100m/6888 ft - 2400m/7872 ft. 9 km approx. 3 - 4 Hours

What is Included:

  • Pre-departure information in our Office once you do check in of your tour.
  • Pick up from your Hotel at 04:00 am Private transport to Ollantaytambo Train Station (2 Hrs)
  • Expedition train to Km 104 (starting point of the hike)
  • Entrance fees for the Trail and Machupicchu Sanctuary (2 Days).
  • Excellent English speaking guide. (Guided visit of Chachabamba, Wiñaywayna and Choquesuysuy and on 2nd Day complete guided tour at Machu Picchu)
  • (SEE Machu Picchu twice at the sunset and sunrise.) Guided Tour of Machupicchu on 2nd Day.
  • 1 snack and soda drink for the 1st Day, 1 Box Lunch, 1 Dinner, 1 Breakfast and 1 Lunch on 2nd Day.
  • Accommodation at Hostal Viajeros or similar (Private room).
  • 2 bus tickets (Machupicchu to Aguas Calientes/ Aguas Calientes to Machupicchu.)
  • Expedition train return to Cusco or Train to Ollantaytambo and transport to Cusco.
  • Free time to explore. Walk to Inca Bridge after your tour.(Optional)
  • Free storage for your bags in Cusco at Hotel Marqueses while you are hiking.

What is not Included:

  • Bus down from Machupicchu to Aguas Calientes on 2nd Day US$ 12.00 (or a Down hill walk for 45 minutes to 1 Hr to Aguas Calientes town. Train Station.)
  • Dinner on the 2nd Day, Drinks, snacks or water.
  • Hot spring pools 20 soles. (Optional)
  • Entrance fee for Huayna Picchu or Montaña $85.00 pp (Optional). Limited spaces Book soon !!

Additional Options:

  • Accommodation in Aguas Calientes and Hotel Upgrades
  • This tour includes accommodation in Hostel Viajeros in Aguas Calientes. It is not a 3-star hotel, but it is clean, safe and comfortable with a very friendly and helpful staff. It has private twin, double and triple rooms, with small private bathrooms with hot water. The locations is good, being far enough from the riverside so that it’s not noisy, but at the same time very central near the foot of the bridge, and only a few blocks from the train and the buses -- so you don`t have to do any more long uphill hikes to get to your room. It’s about 10 minutes from the hot springs.
  • ---
  • We use this economical accommodation option for our tour to make it accessible for everyone, but if you would like better accommodation in Aguas Calientes then please request one of our recommended hotel upgrades below (prices in USD rates based on double occupancy):
  • Hotel Wiraqocha Inn -- $ 25 p/person
  • Hotel Inka Town -- $35 p/person
  • Hotel Andina Luxury -- $46 p/person
  • Hotel Santuario -- $54 p/person.
  • Mapi -Inkaterra -- $90 p/person (includes dinner and breakfast)
  • Sumaq Hotel 5 Stars -- $240 p/person (includes dinner and breakfast)
  • Machu Picchu Pueblo Inkaterra -- $260 p/person (dinner and breakfast)
  • Belmond Machu Picchu Lodge -- $490 p/person (dinner and breakfast)
  • ---
  • To guarantee your hotel reservation upgrade, please include the additional payment in your tour booking deposit, so we can reserve and pay for your hotel in advance. All hotel policies require full payment of your accommodation 20 to 45 days prior to your reservation date.
  • ---
  • If you are travelling by yourself, the upgrade cost will be much more, as hotels in Aguas Calientes often charge the same price for a room shared by two people as they do for just one person. Please bring and present your passport and TAM immigration slip when checking in to hotels.

We recommend that you bring:

  • Your Original passport. (ISIC student card if you've booked as a student).
  • Comfortable back pack. (There are no porters in this trek).
  • Water to drink (2 liters, no plastic bottles)
  • Camera, binoculars
  • Rain jacket in rainy season -Dec to Jan
  • Change of clothes
  • Basic personal toiletries: Deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, small towel, handky, Anti bacterial wet wipes.
  • Hat or cap for the sun is essential, Sunscrean with sun protection
  • Insect repellent for mosquitoes (Malaria or Yellow fever have not been reported)
  • Comfortable hiking boots, sneakers or sturdy shoes.
  • Money in soles or dollars. (ATM´s or cash machines and travellers cheques in Aguas Calientes are more expensive to change.)

Booking Information

  • Once you have checked available spots on group service in the Availabilit page book online. Register your details as requested (If you are travelling as a couple, or with more persons you must book and pay with one reservation code.) But please complete details of your companion on lines below: Travelling with: (write Full names, Passport number, Age and Nationality). Once you finish sending us all your details you will receive a Reservation Code (eg: 240611001). Then you just need to pay your deposit online on Step 3 (pay for 2 or more person in your group with ONE reservation code, so we can guarantee all your permits, tickets for Machupicchu, train tickets and tour all together in a group.)
  • ---
  • 1.- Pay a booking deposit ONLINE with VISA or Mastercard.- US$ 210 per person (US$ 200+5% card fee). or US$ 299.25 per person (Tour + Huaynapicchu pass). (US$ 285 + 5% card fee). Payments by credit card will carry a surcharge of 5%.
  • ---
  • 2.- Pay a booking deposit with Paypal.- US$ 200.00 per person or US$ 285.00 per person. (Tour deposit + Huaynapicchu Pass). Payments by Paypal will carry a surcharge of 6%.
  • ---
  • 3.- For group deposits or full payments you can transfer into our Bank in Peru. Ask for more details to: [email protected] or [email protected]
  • ---
  • ---
  • FINAL PAYMENT: You must pay the full balance of your tour 1 month before the date of your tour departure using any of the payment options above. If you need to amend or add anything to your final confirmation invoice ie upgrade hotel Aguas Calientes etc you should contact us at least 6 weeks prior to the tour. This is done by responding to the email with your final confirmation and indicating any extra ítems to be added and then we can adjust your invoice accordingly and reconfirm the exact balance you need to pay by emailing you within that week. (you need to add the 5% credit card commission or 6% Pay pal commission or other fees depending on which payment method you choose.

Terms & Conditions

  • Short 2 Day Inca Trail Trek -Group Service (Minimum with 6 person.)
  • 1.- You must advise SAS Travel of any medical problems or allergies. You need to be in good physical health and if your health is questionable, then you should consult a doctor re high altitude trekking. 3,400m
  • 2.- You must advise your guide if you wish to leave the group or the camping area for independent walks or sightseeing. If you are experiencing any problems with the service of the guide or tour please advise the guide in that moment so he can resolve any problems as soon as possible.
  • 3.- You must carry on the trail your Original Passport and valid ISIC Student Card (if applicable) The student US$20 discount for use of student cards is regulated by the park itself, not SAS Travel. All student ISIC cards are validated by the control of the park and only accepted if you send us a scanned copy of your valid ISIC card through once you book a tour. A Youth Travel card or International Teachers cards are not accepted by the control. If for any reason, you organize a New Passport after we have purchased your permits, send us an email with your new passport numbers, if possible bring both passports with you.
  • 4.- You need to carry a daypack, with personal necessary items (water to drink, sunscreem, insect repellent, hat or cup for the sun, raingear). Free luggage storage at our Hotel Marqueses in Cusco.
  • Should the client wish to cancel, cancellation charges will be imposed. These are calculated from the day written notification is received by SAS Travel .
  • The charges are shown below:
  • a.- Cancellation of tour once you have booked a tour, permits, train tickets have been purchased, hotels reserved and tour has been confirmed incurs in the loss of the booking deposit US$ 200.00 per person plus cards or Paypal surcharges. Non-refundable booking deposit.
  • b- Cancellation of tour from the date of confirmation to 60 Days before tour departure incurs in a loss of 70% of total cost of the tour. You must pay the final balance online using your reservation code.
  • c- Cancellation of tour within 59 Days to 36 Days of departure incurs a loss of 80% of total cost of the tour. You must pay the final balance online using your reservation code.
  • d- Cancellation of tour within 35 days to 15 Days of departure incurs a loss of 90% of total cost of the tour. You must pay the final balance online using your reservation code.
  • e- Cancellation of tour within 14 Days to 72 hours of departure incurs a loss of total cost of the tour.
  • 6.- If you become ill, injured or unable to hike, we can organize the train journey to Aguas Calientes and avoid the hike, stay in Aguas Calientes have a dinner with a group and continue your tour to MachuPicchu next day and train return to Cusco utilizing your permits. We will assist you with any claims with a document to certify illness, which can be used to present to your Travel insurance company.
  • 7.- Change of dates is not possible after a permit has been processed. It is non-transferable nor refundable permits. The deposit will be forfeited. Please note that we do this because we are prohibited to re-sell your spot after you have cancelled.
  • 8.- Includes overnight in a simple private accommodation on double basis in Aguas Calientes and bedding /towels etc are provided. If you want a room for just yourself the single supplement payment is required.
  • SAS Travel will take all reasonable care in providing service to our clients to avoid accident, illness, loss of personal property and will only employ suitably qualified staff. We accept responsibility for the actions of our own employees. SAS Travel cannot however be responsible for any action or event that was unforeseeable or unavoidable. We also cannot be responsible for improper acts by clients or other third party. You are totally responsible for your own personal property and rented equipment.
  • In extreme cases when Inca trail is declared closed for safety reasons SAS Travel can replace your trek with an alternative Train tour or walk option and your booking deposit money will be used for this or the tour can be notified according to the circunstances.
  • SAS Travel does not take responsibility for additional costs due to unfavorable weather conditions, natural catastrophe, strikes, accidents, illness, injury, loss of personal items, etc. It is the clients responsibility to carry insurance to cover these types of events. We reserve the right to modify or cancel the program due to any of the unforeseen conditions listed above.
  • SAS Travel will do everything possible to assure a safe and enjoyable trip but we will not accept any responsibility for damages, injuries, losses, expenses due to delays, for any cause whatsoever, this applies to any person or property in connection with any service we or our intermediaries provide, which result directly or indirectly from acts of God or forces mayor.