Welcome to SAS Travel, Peru, Machupicchu and the Andes…. Inca Trail to Machupicchu Licensed Specialist Operator. Leaders of Quality & Personalized treks and tours in Cusco, Manu National Park and Peru. Your memorable experience and superior service during your holidays touring with SAS Travel are our priority and full concern, 100% operated by SAS Travel and guaranteed departures for affordable prices, environmentally and socially friendly company. Direct Operators and run by a local family. Highly recommended by more than 200,000.00 happy campers. Trips with SAS Travel ... A spiritual journey for your mind, body and soul... Escape, travel, explore, dream, discover, trek and relax. You will love it this New Adventure !!!

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Direct operator & locally owned.Sustainable, responsible & ethical tours since 1990.

    • SAS Travel Peru - So much more than you were looking for!
    • SAS Travel Peru - Inca Trail to Machupicchu Licensed Specialist Operator
    • SAS Travel Peru - Experience & Expertise since 1990
    • SAS Travel Peru - Recommended by Lonely Planet
    • SAS Travel Peru - Recommended by Lonely Planet
    • SAS Travel Peru - So much more than you were looking for!
    • SAS Travel Peru - Inca Trail to Machupicchu Licensed Specialist Operator
    • SAS Travel Peru - Experience & Expertise since 1990
    • SAS Travel Peru - So much more than you were looking for!
    • SAS Travel Peru - Inca Trail to Machupicchu Licensed Specialist Operator!
    • SAS Travel Peru - Experience & Expertise since 1990
    • SAS Travel Peru - Recommended by Lonely Planet
    • SAS Travel Peru - Recommended by Lonely Planet
    • SAS Travel Peru - So much more than you were looking for!
    • SAS Travel Peru - Inca Trail to Machupicchu Licensed Specialist Operator
    • SAS Travel Peru - Experience & Expertise since 1990
    • SAS Travel Peru - Recommended by Lonely Planet
    • SAS Travel Peru - So much more than you were looking for!
    • SAS Travel Peru - Inca Trail to Machupicchu Licensed Specialist Operator
    • SAS Travel Peru - Experience & Expertise since 1990
    • SAS Travel Peru - Recommended by Lonely Planet
    • SAS Travel Peru - So much more than you were looking for!
    • SAS Travel Peru - Inca Trail to Machupicchu Licensed Specialist Operator
    • SAS Travel Peru - Experience & Expertise since 1990
    • SAS Travel Peru - Recommended by Lonely Planet
    • SAS Travel Peru - So much more than you were looking for!
    • SAS Travel Peru - Inca Trail to Machupicchu Licensed Specialist Operator
    • SAS Travel Peru - Experience & Expertise since 1990
    • SAS Travel Peru - Recommended by Lonely Planet
    • SAS Travel Peru - So much more than you were looking for!
    • SAS Travel Peru - Inca Trail to Machupicchu Licensed Specialist Operator
    • SAS Travel Peru - Experience & Expertise since 1990
    • SAS Travel Peru - Recommended by Lonely Planet
    • SAS Travel Peru - So much more than you were looking for!
    • SAS Travel Peru - Inca Trail to Machupicchu Licensed Specialist Operator
    • SAS Travel Peru - Experience & Expertise since 1990
SAS Travel Peru - Cusco, Peru SAS Travel Peru - Cusco, Peru SAS Travel Peru - Cusco, Peru SAS Travel Peru - Cusco, Peru SAS Travel Peru - Cusco, Peru SAS Travel Peru - Cusco, Peru SAS Travel Peru - Cusco, Peru SAS Travel Peru - Cusco, Peru SAS Travel Peru - Cusco, Peru SAS Travel Peru - Cusco, Peru SAS Travel Peru - Cusco, PeruSAS Travel Peru - Cusco, Peru SAS Travel Peru - Cusco, Peru SAS Travel Peru - Cusco, Peru SAS Travel Peru - Cusco, Peru SAS Travel Peru - Cusco, Peru SAS Travel Peru - Cusco, Peru SAS Travel Peru - Cusco, Peru SAS Travel Peru - Cusco, Peru

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Why SAS Travel Peru?Quality Tours, Real & Unique Experiences…

SAS Travel -Peru …   A well-established quality Tour Operator with nearly two decades of experience and expertise in the tourism industry, organizing a huge variety of Tours in Cusco and Peru, Adventures trips, Treks, Amazon Jungle Trips and Packages in Peru, highly recommended for MachuPicchu tours, Inca Trail hikes,short Inca Trail hike, alternative treks as Vilcabamba, Ausangate, Choquequirao, Salkantay, Lares Valley, Tipon, Huchuy Qosqo hikes… Extension tours to Colca canyon in Arequipa, the floating islands in the lake Titicaca in Puno or flying over the enigmatic Nazca Lines, Ballestas islands or Paracas reserve.  SAS Travel Peru also offers excellently guided cultural tours of the Sacred Valley, South Valley tour, Moray, Salt-mines and combined Cusco City tour with Saqsawaman, Tambomachay, Qenqo, Pucapucara and the amazing Koricancha or for those who want a little excitement around Cusco there`s white-water rafting in the Urubamba River, mountain biking in Maras, Moray and salt-mines, horseback riding in the Sacred Valley or near Cusco, climbing, paragliding and more. Recognized and honored by the Regional Govt Tourist Ministry as: "2010 Best Inca Trail Tour Operator" and other awards, but overall being involved in thousands of very happy customers. We’re proud of our team, we've built here at SAS Travel ... let us be part of your adventure in Peru and fuse with the magic on the Inka Trail and MachuPicchu!! In a business, just like on an expedition, building a team is perhaps the biggest challenge we face. Individual strengths, experiences, personalities, and goals need to combine to form a sum greater than all its parts. We know that many things add up to a perfect trek or expedition; weather and route conditions, logistics, equipment, porters and food. But none more important than your Guide. Our Guides are chosen for their rich experience, their thorough training and mastery of skills, their dedication to safety, and their commitment to environmental and cultural protection.  Tours, expeditions and treks are the ultimate test of a Professional Mountain Guide.  Besides the hazards and hardships encountered in any wild and remote environment, there are the added challenges of language, bureaucracy, complex logistics, health concerns, and local employees.  Our Guides' experiences and interests go beyond merely climbing mountains or exploring Inca temples. You'll find them a wealth of information on nearly aspect of your trek or tour; local culture, language, history, food, plants and animals, weather, and geology.  Many of them are also professionals in other fields, including archaeology, history, geology, photography, video, and writing; skills they'll be happy to share with you. Most importantly, everyone on our staff realizes that you, the client, are the reason we do what we do at SAS Travel.  Whether we're answering your questions and processing your reservations, creating a nutrition or training program for you, or guiding you to your dream summit, we will always treat you with the highest level of respect and consideration.


  • Your memorable experience during your holidays touring with SAS Travel is our mission.
  • Quality outstanding personalized service and tours, outdoor camp trips or jungle excursions at a affordable rates.
  • Leader Tour Agency and Operator in Cusco Region contributes greatly to the development of the Tourism Sector.
  • We are very focused in increasing the quality of your experience and your expectation.
  • To continue offering a service of quality, that it does not have to be necessarily expensive, with a great human trained group and using a high standard and comfortable camping equipment.
  • To create in our visitors and in ourselves respect and admiration towards the legacy of the Inca Culture their Philosophy, their respect and love to nature and reciprocity motivating the interest to learn more about the Andean and Pre Inca cultures and this would help and repel in their lives.


  • Exceeding expectations through effective, resourceful, caring service while inspiring the highest level of trust.
  • Top guides for top clients. Continual quality improvement our trips, up-dating qualification of our staff and guides.
  • Positive environment and social impact, “Leave no Trace”, environmentally sensitive company.
  • Emergency and Medical assistance line and operational offices 24h/7d.
  • Superb value for money in our All included Packages, expeditions, treks and tours.
  • 100% operated by SAS Travel and guaranteed departures.
  • Create and generate job for our local community people who love and have passion in this work with effort and dedication to support their families for better life. Peruvian government has never considered them in their plans of development. We feel this is an obligation and compromise for us.


  • Our travel advices based in our experience, integrity and expertise in that the success of your trip reflected and maintained.
  • Safety First, our leader guides are integral to the safety for each trip.
  • Team work, good communication and possitive attitude.
  • Knowledge, professionalism, expertise and dedication.
  • Easy online bookings and great shared in small groups experiences.
  • Commitment with the Culture and the Society of the Andean World.
  • Opening new treks and routes to expand our alternative trips.


  • AWARD Dircetur 2007 " The Best Tour Operator "
  • AWARD Dircetur 2005 " The Best Tour Operator "
  • AWARD Dircetur 2002 " The Best Tour Agency in Treks & Jungle Trips "

At SAS Travel -Peru we have always been committed to RESPONSIBLE and SUSTAINABLE TOURISM PRACTICES. SERNAMP and DIRCETUR has recognized the work we do in this area and given us a accreditation award. This was achieved by:

Aiding the Local Economy

SAS Travel –Peru operates a policy of working very closely with the local communities in Cusco (Sacred Valley of the Incas). Usually our guides, cooks, porters and drivers etc employed for our trips come from the surrounding villages (Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Chincheros) as does much of our food and supplies. We aim to aid the local economy at a direct level as much as possible. Many of our porters have opportunity to work as a guide after they completed their studies and prove their profficience in languages or talented porters become a great cook chefs after few years. We are recognized and respected by Sunat (Peruvian Contributor Office) as a principal contributor and pay regularly our sales taxes which are included in our tours. “Fair Play” When you buy a trek, tour or tour package with a tour company outside of Peru you are not contributing towards the Peruvian economy in the form of sales taxes because some of our laws in Tourism are against local families business. (Hotels in Peru don’t pay sales taxes when locals do) The tourism handled incorrectly, without respect to locals, without ethics, moral or respect to the rules of the Park, without care and respect of the environment is dishonest in all sense, in the other hand many companies do not pay taxes in Peru and this is reflected in their low prices and a poor improvised service without experience neither quality exploiting porters, cooks and inexperienced students guides.

'Leave No Trace' Tourism  

In today's world we are all concerned about the environment and care of nature, we understand the potential harm that can come from taking groups through many of the delicate environments ,natural areas and sanctuary parks in which we operate and insist on a policy of 'leave no trace' tourism. We go to great lengths to ensure that we do not harm the areas we pass through and therefore help to promote responsible, sustainable tourism. We put a lot of effort into informing our participants, both before and during their trip, about the impact they can have on a community and environment.  SAS Travel is an environmentally and Socially friendly tour company, we focus on seriously taking care of and preserving our environment, keeping the trails clean and as undisturbed as possible to insure that future Peruvians and visitors from around the world will be able to appreciate the essence of these historic and unique landscapes of the Peru. We do respect and follow the values and practices of low impact tourism, and we conduct all of our tours adhering to our strict responsible travel principles and request that you also do so. The destinations we visit require a sustained commitment from our staff, and also our customers to protect our fragile communities, cultures, economies and environments and to benefit from the positive impacts of tourism. Littering is banned on our treks, all rubbish and waste material is transported out and disposed of in suitable facilities in the main towns. we never bury waste along the route of the trail and certainly never dump rubbish behind a hedge.  Plastic water bottles may not be carried on the trail, only canteens are permitted, our travelers are encouraged to bring water purification tablets or water filters on the trek as this reduces the use of plastic bottles. When campsites do not have proper flush toilets we take a portable toilet and toilet tent. We use special biodegradable toilet bags which are carried out or buried. Only clean burning fuel (butane gas) is used for cooking.  " Silverio has an incredible appreciation for the environment. He picks up trash along the trail.." Jeff Jacquin 23rd Oct 2007 

Welfare of Porters and Local Crew

Issues surrounding the welfare of porters in our city is a topic which has attracted a considerable amount of media attention, working ministry and Park regulations in recent years. The general welfare of porters - and guides, drivers, cooks and any other local personnel employed on our trips - as well as the standard of their equipment and level of pay, is very important to us and to our ground crew, who generally recruit local staff for our groups (farmers from Pisac communities in the Sacred Valley). They have a good understanding of these issues and consider them vital to long-term tourism in their local regions. In practice we do go beyond fulfilling the norms and Regulations from the Park (Sernamp and the Cultural Peruvian Institute) when all the operators by ethics and principles must fulfill it, some operators use to make a good impression of themselves and surprise their clients but many of them neither respect or follow correctly these norms and regulations .

Inca Trail Porters Protection Law No. 27607 (Dec 6 th 2001)

Decreed Laws Numbers 19990 and 25897

Article 3 Conditions of work:

  • Transport up to the point of departure to the end of the trip.
  • Limit of load up of 20 kilograms.
  • Warm equipment and accommodation
  • Special belts to protect their backs from injuries
  • Appropriate rest and sleep during the trip
  • Provision of sufficient food, and appropriate clothing
  • (warm jacket, rain ponchos,walking boots and backpacks)
  • Fair and decent Payment on time on Day 4 at 10am
  • Life / Accident Insurance the Social Security of Health
  • Social Assistance to our Porter`s families not only in Christmas.

Article 6 Single, fair and decent payment to our crew.

Article 7 Minimum age of a porter is 18 years.

The Congress of the Peruvian Republic Lima, on December 6th 2001

SAS Travel Peru -Expectations and Goals

Our goal, operating and making our Tours and Excursions are a pleasing experience, comfortable and safe, applying original details and personal touches,  but mainly demonstrating that customized attention is the base of a good service, always endorsed by the experience and the professionalism of our great working team. At end of your visit we want you to take home "a one of a kind" rewarding positive experience, that will resonate throughout your life. Encouraging and motivating you into learning more about this amazing Andean and Incas Civilization, sharing with each of you the sacred Inca wisdom, spiritual thought and practices. For the years to come we expect to continue providing an exceptional tours of this enchanted part of our earth Peru. “FUN, EDUCATIONAL, FULL OF ADVENTURE, SAFE & UNFORGETABLE !!“

SAS Travel and the experienced tour leaders we employ, many of whom are professional mountain guides, are very aware of environmental issues caused by outdoor pursuits – to say nothing of the safety issues of inexperienced people underestimating mountain environments – and are wholeheartedly committed to ensuring that such areas are still there to enjoy in the decades to come.

Another Level of Customer Appreciation

Here at SAS Travel -Peru we understand that the time you spend with us should be well organized for an optimum authentic experience, through the cooperation of our hand picked well trained staff and work system. Any program you choose to take a part of, our SAS Travel agents feel the responsibility to follow you step by step, whether you’re on the trail or any time during your visit to ensure your comfort and total satisfaction.

SAS Travel and the Future of Tourism in the Andes

We feel the responsibility and play the role in creating an example, of what kind of service a professional tourism company should provide. For example SAS Travel employees embark on a long term learning adventure tours experience.These specialized training, creates a variety of opportunities that allow employees to find the role in the company that best suits their abilities. We also measure success through the positive reaction received by our customers throughout the course of their visit. In the future we understand that tourist expectations will grow so we created a system catered around this fact.

Social Responsibility with our Community

SAS Travel is actively involved in setting up schemes for local people, porters and staff, such as clothing banks and educations schemes, and are very committed to ensuring that the local people benefit through tourism.

  • Social, Cultural & Economic Responsibility through Tourism.
  • Commitment to our professional staff, operation team and local communities.
  • Creating new jobs and opportunities to change their lives and their families.
  • Fair treatment, decent wages for all our employees and health insurance for our crew and staff.
  • Health & Insurance for our porters and staff.
  • An environmentally sensitive and socially friendly tour company.
  • Prolonging the indigenous wisdom of the native Incas communities.


Proyects with Charities from aboard tour companies as Discover Adventures UK, Far Frontiers UK, Kumuka UK, Calpoly College USA, Overland Adventures USA, Moondance Adventures USA, Inca Tours Australia, SAS Travel Peru strives to channel the generous contributions from our clients so that they reach the local people directly. Some Examples:

  • Play Ground & Bathrooms in Chacan Santiago Kindergarten Izcuchaca.
  • Kids Play Ground in Qèllo Qèllo community School in Pisac.
  • Kids Play Ground in Pampallaqta Community School in Pisac.
  • Computers gift for Chacan School 2006 Miles Buckinghamshire
  • Walk a Mile in My Shoes Proyect
  • Educational Materials in Chacan, Quiswarani, Huacawasi, Cuncani, Pallata, Chincheros, Piuray Lake, Qello-Qello, .. so many people to thank...but Beth Cummings (Shetland Islands) who donated her entire 2007 Birthday money to support many activities and ensure that so many children received educational materials in isolated communities will be thanked for many years.
  • Helping Choquecancha, (Lares) Chincheros, Pampallaqta, Qeros near Paucartambo Communities Weavers so they can sell their beautiful work at Hotel Marqueses.
  • This is a SAS Travel and Hotel Marqueses Project to enable weavers in isolated mountain communities to sell their products direct to the public and by cutting out the middlemen who take all the commission ensure fair pay for their work but overall get have a safe place for a fair money
  • Education Scholarships for some individuals who lack resources to realize their valuable potencial.
  • Construction of the Weaver House in Pampallaqta Far Frontiers UK
  • Educational Material for Children in Chawaytire in 2009 and 2011 and Pampallaqta. Far Frontiers UK -
  • "Wawa-Wasi", Children of single working mum`s Project, Library, Activity/ Toy room and weekly nutricious meal
  • Values, Moral and Material Support for young "working boys" shoe shiners, etc The young "working boys" Hotel Marqueses
  • Wawa Wasi Projects are generously supported and made possible by the kindness of the Canadian Community.
  • SAS Travel Peru is committed to sharing the spirit of Christmas giving and participates in activities distribuiting presents, meals / hot chocolate to around a 1000 children. All of these small activities could not happen without the support we have received from so many tourists and so have named our CD of photos "We couldn`t have done it without YOU" We want to take this chance to thank you sincerely for bringing out childrens shoes, clothes and educational items which have been so gratefully received and people who generally supported the Ica Earthquake Victims in so many ways.
  • Our cooks and porters prepared and offered food for 1000 person in the rain disasters around Cusco in 2010 in Lucre, Huacarpay, Yucay, Calca (also blankets, tents, sleepining bags and mattress provided).
  • Help with food for 50 families to the community of Marcachea in Qèros, thanks to Far Frontiers UK -2011 (Murray and Andrew)

SAS Travel Peru CREW:

  • OUR PORTERS : More than 250 porters from Amaru, Qello Qello, Pampallaqta, Sacaca, Ampay, Yanahuara, Paru Paru, Chincheros, Umasbamba "Hard workers, honest and cheerful guys". " The porters were exceptionally hard working and always kind and helpful, … the porters were incredible. They’re carrying 40lbs on their backs and running past us like supermen. And the food was gourmet. Not the dry, yucky macaroni most campers eat, but real veggies, chicken soup, pasta, the works. They even made a birthday cake for my friend. And the service was impeccable. Little things like giving each person a bucket of hot clean water and soap to wash your face, arms, and legs at every rest stop makes a huge difference when you’re hot and sweaty, .... The care that was provided by our porters at SAS enabled us to overcome the altitude sickness and exhaustion and enjoy the spectacular trail and ruins; left to our own devices, we would have been absolutely miserable, and I highly doubt we would have made it to Machu Picchu. I have a great deal of respect and gratitude for everyone who helped create this amazing experience and who shared the history, culture, and beauty of the Inca Trail and those who created it. This experience changed my life, and I will never forget the hike or the wonderful people we met along the way. "
  • OUR COOKS : Fabulous Cooks... Delicious and abundant Buffet style meals, Peruvian and international Cuisine are prepared by our professional and dedicated cooks from a mixture of local and exotic products. We also cater for vegetarians and special diets. " The cook Mario conjured delicious food at every stop, how that wonderful food came out of a kitchen tent on the side of a mountain we´ll never know,  … The food served at lunch and dinner was awesome, I'll never forget my first taste of quinoa and all of the different varieties of corn and potato.  Looking at other groups on the Inca Trail, I knew we definitely had the best service! I would recommend SAS travel to anybody without a doubt, … The food was absolutely perfect -I have never had such a good food on any trek! , … I am so impressed with the porters and kitchen crew... how they managed to bake and decorate a cake in the middle of no where. I have no clue, …
  • OUR TOP TOUR GUIDES : Highly recommended, fluent and clear English experienced and very knowledgeable, passionate for the Inca heritage/ history, dedicated to continual personal development and learning to ensure you receive accurate recognized theories about the Inca Andean culture. Fun loving, great sportsmen and well educated crew, some of them great entertainers and the best "Salsa Dancers" this side of Machu Picchu as well as having a degree in Archaeology, Botany, History or Anthropology !  ….  Javier was a large part of why our group enjoyed it so much. He is patient, intelligent and full of knowledge, humorous and kind. Please do give a note to him acknowledging his exceptional service. He really shines,  …. The experience was so powerful, for many reasons. We had wonderful guides Eddy and James who were knowledgeable, fun and supportive. We had great food on the trek and helpful support from the office before and during our trip,  …. I have never, ever done anything so exhilarating and life-changing, and as a family! SAS Travel was top notch and we highly recommend its services. Our guides Eder and Wilfredo were extremely knowledgeable, caring and hilarious. LOS MEJORES GUIAS, .… SAS Tours was AMAZING! Our guides, Freddy and Dalmiro were incredible. They kept us laughing, upbeat and safe during our trek and were extremely knowledgeable about the trail, the plant life and the ruins, ... Fredd with his background in archaeology, was full of information about the Incas and the various Inca sites, the local environment, astronomy and it's importance to the Incas. Cesar was hilarious, …. I wanted to thank and praise the guides for their professionalism, and support during the trek. They were very knowledgeable, friendly, caring, funny and really suportive when I felt I couldn't walk any further. Particular thanks to Fred, Dalmiro, Valentin and especially Saoul and his magical flute, for making this trip unforgettable. Muchas gracias amigos.
  • OUR OFFICE STAFF : Our office crew are chosen for their organizational skills, travel experience and the pre-requisite sense of humour. Professional well prepared and sincere. Profficience in French, German, English, Italian and Spanish.


  • David Quintana, Founder & President
  • Maxi de Quintana, Logistic
  • Josè Quintana, Human Resourses
  • Charito Quintana, Account
  • Margoth Quintana, Operations Supervisor
  • Freddy Lopez,Operations Supervisor
  • Liliana Canales, Office Account
  • Jossaf Larico, Operations Assistant
  • Dario Flores, Transfer
  • Cristina Palacios, Account
  • Sonia  Apaza, Account
  • Fernando Almiron, Logistic & Equipment
  • Pedro Rozas, Driver
  • Julian Palacios, Driver
  • Alfredo Chacon, Driver

Manu National Park Official Operator (Ecotur Manu, Sernamp, Inrena, Comite de Gestion del Parque del Manu)

One of our main objectives in escorting tourists to Manu National Park is to guarantee a high-quality experience for our customers, while at the same time ensuring that all eco-tourism activities in the Reserved Zones and the Park areas are enforced. In that way, we will be promoting and increasing the amount of visitors to Manu in an organized manner that does not impact the fragil eco system in a negative way. In order to operate inside of the borders of the Manu National Park, an agency must be a legitimate and reputable Travel Company with an official, government issued licence to work there.

At SAS Travel Peru, we work very hard to ensure that you receive first rate service. Your personal safety and a pleasurable trip is our first priority. As part of our quality control, we really care about your vacation time in Peru, with all of your details being at the top of our lists. Thank you for your patronage, from our tour guides, drivers, cooks and especially our porters who always look forward to serving you, as they provide for their own families.

Thank you for choosing SAS Travel, for a safe and exciting travel experience. Thanks for visiting the Land of the Incas and Cusco, the ancient Incan Capital.

Experience your trip of a lifetime with SAS Travel !!!
SAS Travel -Peru
The BLUE Team.

SAS Travel Peru-Cusco (History)

In 1980 David Quintana, attended  San Antonio Abad  Cusco University, earning a degree in Tourism, Management and Environmental Conservation. He has guided for major tour Operators in Cusco and has walked the well known Inca trail nearly two hundred times. Once he ran the entire trail in 8 hours, (still proud of it) a pioneer designer in alternatives trek routes in Cusco region, designer of programs  and tourism consultor in Puerto Maldonado Lodges and Manu Park and has been involved in Tourism for all his life, guiding treks around Cusco, Cordillera Blanca and in Puerto Maldonado Peruvian Jungle. At one time he attended the Guides School in Huaraz and lead treks around Alpamayo and Santa Cruz. It started as a passion and turned out a profession. Specialist of AMS, Altitude Medicine and mountain rescue. During this time in low season he made trips to England, Australia, Singapore and United States, Chile and Ecuador where he has collected experiences and knowledge which have enriched his life and profession to teach his staff to manage and reinforce the top quality customer service focused in what travelers expect… For many years David has dedicated himself to training and developing the highly reputable professional Trekking and touring staff of SAS Travel in Cusco.

In 1990, he created SAS Travel  with the challenge of offering high quality tours with a concern for the Environment and Conservation.  Many people, Porters, Assistants, Guides, Cooks, etc have benefited from his knowledge, expertise and sharing of skills.  SAS Travel  is  committed to the Andean and Jungle Communities providing work and other opportunities for development, while trying to conserve their valuable traditions and customs, showing and sharing the great historical, archaeological and cultural legacy left by one of the most advanced cultures of the world… the Incas.

With the especial energy of CUSCO ancient city, mysterious and great in history…

SAS Travel Peru SAS Travel Peru SAS Travel Peru