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08 April 2015


As a general comment, SAS was an excellent company. Great people, great equipment, and great food. I never saw another group that had something or did something that we didn’t. I never found myself saying, “I wish our group did that.” SAS Travel is a great value when you do the math (Machu Picchu ticket, train ticket, bus tickets, meals, etc.). It really becomes an inexpensive excursion.

Eddy Wilfredo was our lead guide for the 4D/3N Inca Trail trek. I can honestly say that I could not have asked for a finer guide. Eddy is local to the Sacred Valley and clearly loves the Inca culture and history. He is extremely knowledgeable and a great communicator (even in English). Eddy did a great job explaining the big picture of the Inca culture and how the trail, sites, and cultural beliefs all tied together. On the trail, Eddy was always a positive, motivating force. He was calm and did not ever rush the hikers. Rather, he encouraged everyone to hike at their own pace, and he provided many opportunities for the group to gather back together.

In our group, we had one hiker who fell quite ill to altitude sickness. Eddy remained calm and went to Herculean efforts to help this hiker along the trail (the hiker ultimately finished the trek and made it to Machu Picchu). That would not have been the case without Eddy’s compassion and leadership. A truly superior guide!

Here are a few things I wish I had known (mid-March trek):

• I found it warm during the hike (mid-March trek). I always hiked in shorts and a t-shirt. I found that even in light or moderate rain, I tended to lean forward. My front stayed dry; my back was covered by my pack (pack cover is a must); and a wide-brimmed “boonie” hat kept the water out of my face. My arms would get wet, but that was rather refreshing.

• Nothing will dry. It rained every night, but generally cleared during the day. Being wet during the hike was no big deal. Just have dry clothes to change into.

• Camp shoes are nice. I always just used flip flops, but my son uses Teva sandals. I liked the sandals better. They allowed you to wear socks. It got a little cool in the evening. I wanted to take a break from my hiking boots, but my feet got cold during dinner.

• The tents were very waterproof. They did great. It rained every night (typically cleared during the day).

• Don’t worry about the pace. The guides were very patient. There are plenty of opportunities to catch up with the group. They encourage you to walk at your own pace. Guides will assist weaker hikers.

• The Inca Trail 4D/3N is no joke. Be in shape, have the proper gear, and take your altitude meds properly. You will enjoy the experience much more.

• When you get to Cusco, stop by the SAS Travel office (even before the 7 pm departure brief) to make sure that your name and passport number are correct on all of the paperwork.

• A Camelbak was great on the trail. It was also nice to have a bottle available for meals. They do a lot of tea at meals, but not a lot of water on the table.

• If you are a really fast hiker, bring a book. There will be time to kill. Don’t worry, it’s all good. My son’s (fast hiker) favorite “time” was the hour that he spent at Intipata sitting in the sun on the beautiful terraces. It was quiet and isolated.

• You won’t need Steri-pens, iodine tablets, or filters. Their boiled water is sufficient, safe, and provides the requisite volume.


26 December 2014


The Trek director Ilbert was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. So were Paulo and Marcial. All of the staff were competent and friendly. The trail cook prepared excellent meals, and the porters and others were terrific. I could not have asked for a better support team.
Hiking the Inca trail was a bit of a challenge for me. But with this support team it was amazingly safe and an excellent experience.
The Marquesas was a comfortable place to stay. It was clean and quiet and conveniently located in Cusco.
The kitchen staff prepared wonderful meals.
I highly recommend this to anyone.

18 December 2014

John and Ruth Swan

Hi Robyn and SAS Travel,
We returned from our trip to Peru 2 weeks ago. I just wanted to thank you and SAS for a fantastic time! Everything was perfect, We were always met at the airport, bus and train stations on time, the food on our tours was great and the Hotel Marqueses was beautiful! All of our guides along the way were knowlegable, friendly and accomodating to every ones needs. The staff at the Marqueses were friendly and helpful and I must give a special thank you to Liz in the breakfast area. Not only were the breakfasts at the hotel fantastic, Liz met us every day with a big smile and lots of information on the area and sights to see. She is a great asset to the Marqueses!
I highly recommend SAS Travel. Thanks again Robyn.
Warmest Regards,
John and Ruth Swan

Valerie Cook

08 December 2014

Valerie Cook

Back in October this year we had a fantastic time walking the Inka Trail to Muchupicchu with SAS Travel, the food was 5 star, and our guide Fredd second to none. SAS helped make a holiday of a life time, it not only met our expectations but exceeded them. We also took up your recommendation and did the 2 day tour of Lake Titicaca and this just built on the experience. When setting out on the Lake Titicaca tour the three of us never though we would be dancing in national costume at 3800 meters, so a very big thank you to you and your team who helped make our holiday so unforgettable. Valerie Cook

Elizabeth Jones

08 December 2014

Elizabeth Jones

My husband and I just returned from the Inca Trail trek. It was one of the best experiences we have ever had. My husband has been on several other treks with different companies in different countries and said that SAS Travel was far superior. Our guide Alvaro was incredible -he was funny, warm, helpful, caring, and genuinely wanted everyone to have a great time. He was also extremely knowledgeable and taught us many things we will never forget. Anyone that treks with Alvaro is very lucky! We also had amazing food cooked by the incomparable Humbertto, it was a gourmet feast at every meal! Hernan was another fabulous guide that ensured we were all safe and comfortable as we trekked. And the porters did everything in their power to make this a memorable trip which it absolutely was. I highly recommend SAS Travel and hope that others are able to experience the Inca Trail trek with this wonderful group of individuals.

Sandy Donnelly

03 November 2014

Sandy Donnelly

Completed the 4 day 3 night Inka Trail. Amazing group, our guides Eder (very funny) and Havier were amazing hosts, they not only accommodated us in every way but also looked after us and kept us entertained. Eds knowledge was very useful. Our fantastic Chaskis (porters) were beautiful, very hardworking, humble men, always smiling. Our chef and sous chef prepared the most delicious and substantial meals, over feeding us. Definitely not what we expected. Would highly recommend. Thank you for the experience.

16 September 2014


mike was an excellent tour guide! thanks mike for looking after darragh!!!

16 September 2014

darragh connolly

Thank for looking after me on the trek mike!!! great job.

Anna Trebaczyk

10 September 2014

Anna Trebaczyk

Edder and Hernan were phenomenal guides, who had so much patience and humour to get us through the trek!!! We saw so many amazing things, llamas, snow capped mountains, and even a shooting star before we even got to Machu Pichu. I can not recommend SAS travel enough, you guys are legendary. Thank you sooooooo much for everything!

Lisa Parker

24 August 2014

Lisa Parker

We had the experience of a lifetime! The Inca trail was magical and the service was outstanding on our trek August 5-8, 2014! Our guide, Felipe Salon, was knowledgeable, friendly, fun and supportive. He was the perfect guide and can't thank him enough!

The food the chef, Ricardo, cooked was fabulous! Wonderful hot meals 3 times a day exceeded our expectations. Our waiter and porter, Jose, was the sweetest and nicest man always making sure we were happy. All the porters were amazing! I can't believe the strength and dedication these men have and made it all possible for us to do this trek by carrying all our equipment and food! It was amazing watching them run up and down the mountain side with all that weight. Supermen!!!

We had a trip of a lifetime and SAS made it all possible! Thank you!

Cassie Hogan

01 July 2014

Cassie Hogan

AMAZING AND UNFORGETTABLE! Jimmy and Eric were our incredible guides on this fantastic journey. They were thoughtful guides who helped our group of 11 hikers bond right away. I can't emphasize enough how amazing the porters and chefs were- we had elaborate meals every day, and were always well-fed and hydrated. SAS did an exceptional job and it's clear that they are an elite company. Thank you for everything.

Marcin Wlodarczyk

08 June 2014

Marcin Wlodarczyk

My friend and I hiked the Classic Inca Trail with SAS from May 18th to 21st. We also booked with SAS the Sacred Valley and Cusco tours and stayed at the Hotel Marqueses you recommended. Booking the trip, tours and hotel was very easy via e-mail as the SAS and hotel staff was very responsive.

The Inca Trail trek with your company was a superb experience. Your staff was very friendly and helpful. The porters did a great job carrying our group’s equipment and setting up the campsites. They made sure that our tents were always in a great location. The food was exquisite! I cannot compliment it enough. All our meals were delicious and consisted of a variety of freshly prepared dishes. There were six people in our group and the quality of food exceeded all our expectations. We were treated to a feast at every meal. Compliments to our cook!

I also cannot give enough praise to our guide Ruben. He was simply outstanding! He tended to all our needs, making sure that everyone was having great time throughout the trek. In addition to being very knowledgeable about Peru and the Inca culture, Ruben is simply a great guy: very polite with a great sense of humor! We all truly enjoyed his company and stories. When we were saying goodbye to him at our celebratory lunch in Aguas Calientes, we were saying goodbye to a friend.

The stay at hotel Marqueses was very pleasant. The hotel is in a convenient central location and has a charming local ambience. The staff was very helpful from the time we arrived in Cusco (they picked us up from the airport) throughout our stay. The breakfast at the hotel was also very good.

Thank you for organizing our Inca Trail trek and making it a very enjoyable and memorable adventure! Special thank you to Ruben, our porters and the cook! You guys are the best!

06 June 2014

Gina Messisco

The best thing about our 4 day and 4 night Inca Trail hike was the excellent care and knowledge provided to us by our guides, Saul Palma Herrara, Paul Gibaja Tapia, Yoshiro Canal Ortiz, as well as the good food and service from the rest of the crew. We wouldn't have been able to have had such a memorable experience if it hadn't been for them. I couldn't imagine having a better Inca Trail guide has Saul who has done the Inca Trai countless times and has a special tie to Machupicchu since his dad took him there at the age of 6. He is a passionate and eloquent speaker who is obviously proud and extremely well - educated about Peruvian history. The Inca trail and Machupicchu is absolutely amazing on their own merit, but having such a great guide made the Inca sites come alive as only a truly gifted historian can do! Thanks again Saul, Paul, Yoshiro, and the rest of the SAS Peru travel company!

Allison and Carl Bauer

05 June 2014

Allison and Carl Bauer

We had a fabulous trip with Ruben and Alex! They were the best guides. The food was amazing and the scenery was unforgettable!
Thank you for a wonderful trek to Machu Picchu!


08 May 2014


We had the MOST AMAZING trek. The food highly exceeded our expectations. Our tour guide was incredibly knowledgeable. The equipment was great, our porters were awesome. Other people we wold meet along the way that hired other tour company's complained and we kept hearing they were unhappy with their food, equipment, etc but not one person in our crew complained and we were so thankful we hired SAS. This is more than a vacation, it is an experience you will never forget.

Kathy & Tom

16 January 2014

Kathy & Tom

We finished our trip in South America the best experience was Peru specially the Inca Trail to Machupicchu city it is a big challenge, the team: porters,coordinator, cook and the amazing guides, Hilbert made this adventure an unforgettable experience I will recommend this company SAS travel to all my friends.Thanks...Peru country is a Paradise.
The survivers from Canada - no gain, no pain


15 December 2013


Thanks for a wondeful adventure in the mountains I learnt the Mother Earth(Pachamama) and the Sacred Mountains (Apus) are very important. The andean people (porters,cook,coordinator) are hard workers, all my respect...we had 4 wondeful days , the Inca trail is a fantastic experience...One more time...THANKS Hilbert and Jose

25 October 2013

Thomas & Odile Jutte

SAS Travel organized our Sunrise tour of Machu Picchu, and also a classic tour of Colca Canyon from Arequipa. All went well and we had a great time. We were picked up at our hotel on time, our guides were very informative and did a great job taking care of the group. The hotel in Aguascalientes was basic but we did not mind since we spent such a short time in it. The food was good. We had plenty of time for pictures, and exploring on our own in MP. We highly recommend SAS Travel, and we thank them for a memorable experience in Peru.

07 October 2013

Christine Shoemaker

This has been one of the most tough yet exhilarating adventures I have experienced. I am not a very experienced hiker but fit for my young (51 years) age.
The scenery and archaeological site visits where worth every step. It was amazing.
The physical effort was sometimes demanding but the food provided in the rest breaks was perfect ; delicious, nutritious and plentiful.
The team who supported us - Guide, Chef and assistants, and horseman, where just incredible, thoughtful and so well organised.
We had a person on our team who was challenged with Soroche/ Altitude Sickness and the Guide supported and cared for him in an experienced and considerate manner. Fortunately this trekker managed to continued safely and enjoy completing the adventure.
Thank you for organising such an incredible adventure that gave mean opportunity to discover more of beautiful Peru and more about me!
With much appreciation, Chris

01 October 2013

Elise Usunier

Finished the 4D/3N Lares Trek last night and can barely even find words for how amazing it was. This trek has been the most exciting portion of my travels through Peru thus far as an ESL teacher, and I want to motivate anyone who may be apprehensive towards booking it to just DO IT!

I could clearly see where every dollar went and it was worth every penny.

Our guide, Christian, was incredibly knowledgeable, hilarious, and caring. Our chef, Ricardo, made the most fantastic meals I have had in Peru, and we were lucky to have them both on our trip. The porters paid attention to every detail, and went as far as rolling up our sleeping bags for us while we were haing breakfast, and setting up our tents comfortably before even arriving to our camp destinations.

Macchu Picchu of course was breathtaking, and the tour was incredibly inspiring and informational. The trek itself was challenging and fun, though TOUGH at some parts. If I can offer some advice, acclimatize for 3 days at least before beginning this trek.

Once again, book with SAS. I can confidently say that I will book my future endeavors with them and will recommend to all of my friends and family to do the same.

Thanks for an awesome trip SAS!