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You are here: AMAZON JUNGLE Tours in Puerto Maldonado Tambopata Reserve.

AMAZON JUNGLE Tours in Puerto Maldonado Tambopata Reserve.

The Jungle tours we offer are in 2 main areas;
Manu National Park. Tours to the Reserved Area and Cultural Zone
Puerto Maldonado - Lodge is Madre de Dios with Sandoval Lake and Lodges to Tambopata Reserve
Iquitos , Lodges to Pacaya Samiria.Explorama.

Depending on your length of time and style of travel will help determine what area to choose.
Generally if people have very limited time they choose Puerto Maldonado which is typically flying with large airline carriers from Lima or Cusco into Puerto Maldonado and then travelling by river to a lodge where you stay as base and depart for day trips from there each day until the final morning when you return by river to city and the airport for flight to Lima or Cusco.
The travel time and access from Lima or Cusco makes this less time consuming.
Manu however especially in the months May to Oct is an incredible experience but as travelling to Manu reserve is part of the adventure and takes you over the mountains descending through cloud forest and along winding rivers this extends the time required. You also tend to stay in diferent areas each night and see an enormous area of pristine Jungle. the shorter Manu trips go to the cultural zone but if you have 6 plus days your experience in the reserve part of Manu will be more than worth the investment of time and money.

Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica 3 Day/ 2 Night - Puerto Maldonado

Pristine, remote, yet easily accessible
Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica is adjacent to the lush Tambopata National Reserve, where the Madre de dios River meanders through the Southern Peru rainforest region, known as the Biodiversity Capital of Peru.

A welcoming haven situated at the heart of a 17,000 hectare (42,008-acre) private ecological reserve, only a 25-minute flight from Cusco.

Daily flights from Lima via Cusco to Puerto Maldonado, gateway city.
From Puerto Maldonado Airport, check-in at the Inkaterra Butterfly House, then 10 minute transfer to the Jetty Port for a 45-minute boat transfer along the river to the Lodge.
Located at Kilometer 15, on the left bank of the meandering Madre de Dios River.
Varied jungle excursions such as Canopy & Anaconda Walk, and easy access to Lake Sandoval, Ese Eja farm and community.

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Corto Maltes Lodge 4Day/3Night -Puerto Maldonado.

We need to check availablity with the lodge for high season dates so please book well in advance

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Explorama Lodge 4 Day / 3 Night tour. -IQUITOS.

Explorama Lodge - Yanamono Reserve
The Explorama Lodge Reserve, located 80 kilometers down the Amazon from Iquitos, has been protected by Explorama since 1964. This is the oldest reserve shielded from destruction by the company. This reserve consists of over 200 hectares, or 500 acres, of mainly high Tierra Firme, or non-flooding forest. One small section is lowland or flooded forest. The Missouri Botanical Garden has found this reserve to be one of the highest in biodiversity of trees per square hectare in any area studied by scientists to date. The main reason believed to cause this high biodiversity is the lack of any defined dry or wet season in the area of Iquitos, unlike most tropical areas. The rainfall here may be at highest in any month of the year, depending upon the year studied. This lack of a defined dry or wet season, through which many species of plants and animals would be unable to survive, is believed to be the major reason for the extremely high diversity in both flora and fauna, which has given this part of the Amazon Basin the title of "The Biodiversity Capital of the World".
In the vicinity of the Lodge is a small community of Yagua Native Americans which have clear title to their own reserve of 1,622 hectares (4,055 acres). This property surrounds the Explorama Lodge Reserve, acting as a buffer zone to help protect the area from the continual encroachment of the ever-expanding population of river people. Explorama helped with the legal process of obtaining this reserve for the community, provided the workers and supplies necessary to cut the boundary line around the property, and to obtain the accurate measurements of the land for the Peruvian Department of Agriculture.

ExplorNapo, Shimigay and Sucusari Reserve
These reserves are located near the Napo River, and are reached by traveling 160 kilometers (100 miles) down the main Amazon and up the Napo River to the Sucusari Stream, a tributary of the Napo. Explorama has purchased three areas from the Government at different times to protect here. The Shimigay Reserve contains an interior black water lake with giant Amazon lilies and the prehistoric-looking Hoatzin bird, the only flying bird which is a pure leaf-eater. The ExplorNapo reserve includes the area occupied by ExplorNapo which started as a very rustic palm-thatched covered split-palm sleeping platform and is now a lodge with rooms, a large hammock house and screened dinning room. The newest of the Explorama reserves in this area is the Sucusari Reserve, a recently purchased piece of land with over 50% secondary forest which we hope to nurture back to primary status. The ReNuPeRu Ethnobotanical Medicinal Plant Gardenis located between the ExplorNapo and Sucusari reserves. In total, the three reserves cover 2,000 hectares, or about 5,000 acres. Adjacent to these reserves and acting as buffers are the CONAPAC Biological Reserve and a large 4,770 hectare reserve (11,925 acres) belonging to the Orejone Native American Community.

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