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You are here: Multiday Tours & Packages (with Inca Trail treks)

Multiday Tours & Packages (with Inca Trail treks)

As this Package includes the 4 Day Inca trail trek in which permits availability are Limited you must ensure there are still permits available in our website: Click: AVAILABILITY & BOOKINGS or send us an email requesting your interested date. Please we recommend booking your Package in advance ( 4-6 months ) to guarantee to get your permits. Book early to avoid dissapointments!!!

Classic Inca Trail hike & Manu National Park 10 Days COMBO. (Promotional rate).

The Inca Trail to Machupicchu... The famous "Inca Trail" which connects the city of Cusco to Machupicchu's sacred citadel, is only a small part and tangential huge network of Inca roads. There were many trails built by Incas in Peru and South America, but there is only one Inca Trail, the one that is connecting to Machupicchu the Inca`s "Royal Sacred Highway" The Capac Ñan (in Quechua 'the road of the Inca king') or Inca Trail is the name given to the extensive trail system of 25 to 30 thousand kilometers linked and connected to the main axis of the road network Tahuantinsuyo (the Inca Empire.) All roads of the empire were linked to Cusco, the imperial capital, from which emerge a series of roads connecting the various peoples of the Inca Empire. During the Inca Empire was a means of integration for the Inca imperial expansion in the political-administrative, socio-economic, social, cultural and environmental.
Hiram Bingham, discoverer of Machupicchu in 1911, found the trail in 1915. The highway was traced and explored in more details in 1942 by the Viking Expedition with Paul Fejos 1941.
There is nothing like the feeling of discovery you get when, after 4 days of hiking stone-paved Inca pathways, you finally ascend the last trail, walk to the arch of Intipunku ("Gate of the Sun"), and see spread before you Machupicchu, the beautiful, enigmatic, "lost city" of the Incas. To arrive on foot, as the Incas did, is to step back in time and feel a real link with Inca history. The Inca Trail to Machupicchu is a classic hike. There are few short hikes anywhere in the world that can offer such a mix of jungle and sierra, so many secluded ruins to explore en route, and such stunning mountain views- plus the thrill of culminating at the most famous archaeological site on the continent... MachuPicchu.

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Incas, Islands and Condors 12 Day (No Trek)

Discover Cuzco the ancient capital city of the great Incas Empire where only nobles and privileged people had their residence. Enchanting Cusco, discover their ancient treasures as Koricancha the temple of the sun once decorated with gold and silver before the arriving of spanish conquest in 1534. Explore the typical Ruins & Market of Pisaq, the legendary Sacred Valley of the Incas with Yucay, Urubamba, the Inca living town of Ollantaytambo, Chincheros with its Colonial XVII century church and Inca residence.
Visit Machu Picchu in classic style by train and overnight below the Lost City of the Incas.
Travel to Puno and visit the highest navigable lake in the world.. Uros Taquile and Amantani Islands in the Titicaca Lake and finally see condors flying at Colca Canyon in Chivay near Arequipa.

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"Marca Peru" 15 Days Tour (with Classic Inca Trail)

Program Itinerary :
Day 1: Flight Tickets Lima to Cusco. Reception and transfer to Hotel Marqueses.
Day 2: Cusco Free Morning Excursion, Afternoon Cusco City Tour. Hotel Marqueses
Day 3: Sacred Valley full day tour .Hotel Marqueses- Pre departure breafing at 7 pm
Day 4,5,6,7 Inca Trail personal porter for 6 Kg, Plenty of time to explore Machupicchu after your guided tour scorted by your expert guide. Night in Aguas Calientes town, enjoy the hot springs.
Day 8: Train at 9 40am Return to Cusco , Rest afternoon Hotel Marqueses.
Day 9: Cusco to Puno with VIP Inka Express bus. Buffet Lunch. Qalasaya Hotel
Day 10: Lake Titicaca- Floating Island tour to Uros and Amantani Meals: Breakfast - Lunch – Dinner Accommodation: rustic family lodging.
Day 11: Taquile island –Puno Overnight in Puno hotel Meals: Breakfast – Lunch Accommodation: Qalasaya hotel in Puno.
Day 12: Direct Bus from Puno to Chivay to see the Condors at Colca Canyon Accommodation: Colca Inn Lodge.
Day 13: Chivay –Arequipa Afternoon Bus to Nazca arrive in the morning 6.00 am
Day 14: Flight over Nazca Lines, Tour to Chauchilla. 2 Hrs Bus to Paracas Hostel Mirador.
Day 15: 8am Boat tour to Ballestas Islands , Tour to the Paracas reserve 2 Hrs By 1.30 Bus to Lima. (Bus Terminal at Javier Prado, end of our service). Official Taxis inside available.

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VIVA el PERU -15 Day Tour (with 5 Day Inca Trail trek)

You can get a better idea of the programs and Hotel Marqueses by looking at some photos on the website.

As this package includes the Inca Trail trek to Machupicchu bookings for high season (May to Oct )must be completed around 4 -6 months in advance because of limited Inca Trail availability and Pemits.

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