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US$ 679.00 p/person

(Based on Double / Triple accommodation)

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US$ 679.00 p/person
Accommodation is not necessary in this tour.*

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Machupicchu, the lost city of the Incas, where the last emperors, priests and priestesses took refuge and where the empire survived for 40 years after the arrival of the Spaniards. Secret and mysterious citadel from the time of Pachacutec Inca Yupanqui (IX-Inca`s Dinasty) emperor, his presumed constructor. Then apparently its existence was even well-known only by the authorities and the priests of the Tawantinsuyo “The four lands of the empire”. Machupicchu prodigy of architecture of aesthetic recklessness and by the magestic and harmony of its forms, by the impeccable organization of its terraces, stairs, buildings, patios, passages that are set up in this nest of condors, surrounded by mountains, between the mountain range and the forest like but the extraordinary constructive feat of the pre-Hispanic man.

SAS Travel Peru SAS Travel Peru SAS Travel Peru


Hiram Bingham Luxury Train and tourist bus

SAS Travel Peru SAS Travel Peru SAS Travel Peru SAS Travel Peru

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Machupicchu "HIRAM BINGHAM Train" 1 Day Guided Tour.

Last Minute Information

  • DAILY DEPARTURES !!! The permits for Machupicchu citadel and train tickets are limited, FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS.... You must book and pay a deposit well in advance. For high season (May to October, 5-4 months in advance.) Low season (November to April, 3-2 months in advance.)
  • FAST COUPLES or GROUPS BOOKING: Choose on the Calendar the date of your preference, fill out with your personal details, then below fill out details of your group in Traveling with: once you have finalized you will receive an email with a Reservation Code (Purchase number) to pay a booking deposit with. (If you would like to pay your booking deposit individually, then you must book each of you separatelly.)
  • HOW TO BOOK AND CONFIRM.- Choose your preferred date on the Calendar (Leaving Dates) fill out with all the requested details, you can book for 2 or more person just complete details on traveling with: soon you will receive a reservation code (Purchase Number) and you can pay a booking deposit of US$ 200.00 per person through Western Union to Mr: Irwin POMA FLORES (Peru) or Pay a booking deposit ONLINE on Step 3: TO PAY with Master Card or Visa card US$ 210.00 per person. OR pay with Paypal USD$ 210.00 plus 6%.(USD$ 212.00 pp)
  • Final Balance of your tour must be paid at your arrival to Cusco.

Special Offer

4 Nights for the price of 3 in MARQUESES BOUTIQUE Hotel in Cusco or FREE Up-grade to Delux rooms for the price of Standard room. To get this offer you must quote it at the time of booking and payment is required in $ USD cash. Please book through this website but you must indicate your tour with SAS Travel (This offer is only valid for accomodation dates from JAN 1st 2013 to APRIL 15th 2013). For months May- Aug- Stay 4 Nights FREE Up-Grade to Suite for the price of Delux rooms ..... to get this offer you must quote it at the time of booking and payment is required in $USD cash.

Rediscover the magical Machupicchu with the Hiram Bingham train service with a special character and take adventage of the best times and services available. The Hiram Bingham is an exclusive luxury Orient Express service operated by PeruRail, all service included where you will enjoy a full day of unforgettable experiences. It is ranked as one of the best journeys in 2012 by the Italian Class Magazine. Hiram Bingham wagons are distinguished by their blue and gold colors for its warm and cozy interiors that feature elegant upholstery. This service has four wagons, two dining wagon, an observation wagon with bar and a car, kitchen, besides being able to carry up to 84 passengers.

Program Itinerary

Day 1:

Transfer from your hotel in private car or van to Poroy approximately 25 minutes from the ancient city of Cusco, Here you board the Hiram Binghan service journeying through the Sacred Valley of the Incas to the Lost City of Machu Picchu, a trip on the Hiram Bingham takes you across of the most beautiful and romantic scenery in Peru.
Sights as incredible as the vast agricultural terraces of Jaquijahuana, the remains of a major Inca city that was sadly destroyed during the Spanish conquest, the beautiful village of Ollantaytambo hidden in the Sacred Valley and home to the Urubamba river and an ancient temple complex called The Fortress, all await.
Throughout the out going journey you are served a delicious brunch as the stunning scenery gently passes, before arriving in the town of Machu Picchu.
On the journey from Cuzco to the beautiful lost city of Machu Picchu, the Hiram Bingham runs through Ollantaytambo in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.
The beautiful valley, known as 'Vilcamayo' to the Incas, stretches out from the Inca citadels of Pisac to Ollantaytambo along the Urubamba River or "Sacred River."
Hidden in the Sacred Valley is the picturesque village of Ollantaytambo, its ruins are said to contain the most impressive Inca stonework anywhere in Peru. The village is surrounded by the great temple-fortress clinging to the sheer cliffs beside it.
Ollantaytambo is located where the valley becomes narrow and the road can no longer climb. It was used as a fortress to defend Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas from the jungle tribes of the north.
As you trundle through the spectacular Peruvian countryside, in the comfort of a beautifully restored Pullman carriage, we will serve you a delicious meal from our Andean inspired menu.
In the morning, on the way towards Machu Picchu you’ll enjoy a delectable three-course brunch, complete with a refreshing sparkling wine and freshly squeezed orange juice.
In the evening, on the journey from Machu Picchu to Poroy you will be served a luxurious four-course menu, complete with Pisco Sour and Peruvian delicacies.


What is Included:

  • The service includes:
  • Hiram Bingham special train Poroy to Aguas Calientes and return to Poroy -Cusco.
  • Brunch and dinner on board.
  • Exclusive Bus return to the citadel of Machu Picchu.
  • Entrance to Machu Picchu.
  • Guided tour in the citadel.
  • Afternoon tea at the Machu Picchu SanctuaryLodge

We recommend that you bring

  • A small day pack with water to drink
  • Comfortable shoes or runners
  • Camera and rain jacket or poncho
  • A fleece or jacket, basic toiletries
  • Hat for the sun , sunscream, insect repelent for mosquitoes
  • Some extra money for lunch, snacks and souvenirs


  • Overnight in Aguas Calientes with return trip the following day!

Booking Information

  • DAILY DEPARTURES !! The permits for Machupicchu citadel and train tickets are limited, FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. You must book and pay a deposit well in advance. For high season (May to October, 5-2 months in advance.) Book ONLINE on Step 2: BOOKINGS Get a Code (Purchase Number) and pay a booking deposit of US$ 400.00 p/person with:Western Union to Mr: Irwin Jesus POMA FLORES (Peru) OR
  • Pay a booking deposit ONLINE on Step 3: TO PAY ONLINE with Master Card US$ 420.00 p/person. Book and pay as soon as possible to avoid disappointments.
  • .
  • FINAL PAYMENT: The remaining balance needs to be paid at your arrival to Cusco in Peruvian soles or US$ Dollars cash (Exchange rate 2.90 Soles for US$1). Payments with credit / debit cards are accepted with a commission of 5%, Travelers' cheques with 3% only at our Office in Cusco.
  • Final payments of your tour IN ADVANCEwith card it is possible, it will be with 5% extra or you can transfer the balance through Western Union.

Terms & Conditions

  • Terms & Conditions
  • Contract Terms: OPERATOR: transportation company // CLIENT : Transported client being an adult or child // TICKET : client ticket/receipt for purchasing the transportation service.
  • General Conditions:
  • 1. Upon purchasing the ticket, the client accepts all present terms and conditions.
  • 2. No agent, employee or representative is allowed to partially or totally correct, modify, restrict or supplement the terms of this contract.
  • 3. The ticket is personal and is non-transferable and cannot be repurchased by a third person.
  • 4. The operator will undertake with his best efforts to take the client and his baggage with reasonable celerity careful attention and efficiency. Hours shown on timetable or elsewhere are not guaranteed.
  • 5. The present contract of carriages are subject to the Peruvian Legislation and Railway regulations
  • Boarding Conditions:
  • 6. Each client must present the ticket and identification when boarding the train. In case of children with no identification card, traveling with adults, the Operator will presume that all data provided by the adult is true. The Operator reserves the right to check the ticket prior departure and during the trip.
  • 7. If the Client refuses to show a valid identity document, in order to verify the ticket information, he or she will be disembarked or will not be allowed to board. The right of reimbursement will be lost.
  • 8. The Operator is not responsible, if the client is refused access to the purchased train service due to incomplete or missing proof of personal documentation, before, along or after the trip.
  • 9. The Operator reserves the right not to transport people in inadequate health, neither expecting women (with 7 months or more of pregnancy).
  • 10. The ticket includes the transportation of the client and one hand luggage (bag or backpack) with a maximum weight of 5kg/11pounds and a maximum size of 62 inches/157cm (length + height + width) on the carriages provided for its purpose. Blocking exits is prohibited by law. It is only permitted to transport big and heavy items or luggage on the trains when a luggage car is available, according to the Operator’s regulations.
  • Special conditions in case of misfortune:
  • 11. In case of a loss of ticket, the Operator will be able to issue a new ticket and ask to be paid the corresponding fee. This procedure must be done at least 60 minutes before the departure of the train: otherwise that client will considered as a no show.
  • 12. If any previous plane or bus transportation is delayed due to bad weather, the Operator will verify the event and will offer the possibility to change the date of travel, depending on availability in the same service purchased and without any extra cost to the client, but will not refund any ticket.
  • Liability:
  • 13. The Operator does not guarantee, and will not be responsible for, any changes or delays which may occur before or after the trip, or any other unexpected circumstances which could be beyond the control of the Operator. 14. The operator does not guarantee or will not be responsible for personal injuries or baggage damage or delays in the deliverance of it, when such changes or delays are a result of situations beyond the control of the Operator and/or any supplier. In cases where circumstances demand it, the Operator may, without previous warning, substitute the means of transportation for an alternative or complementary one, without assuming responsibility. The Operator may, without notice, substitute alternate transport and may alter and omit stopping places and timings shown in ticket or timetable. In case of necessity, schedules are subject to change without notice.
  • 15. Weather conditions, natural disasters and/or mechanical failures, can cause delays and/or non-schedule stops. The operator has no obligation and is not responsible if the delay and/or non-scheduled stop or stops are beyond the Operators control.
  • 16. If the service given by the Operator, for any reason is not completed, the Operator must give facilities to the client, such as an alternative transportation, for him/her to be able to conclude the trip at no additional cost or, according to circumstances return to the starting point, with no responsibility of the Operator.
  • 17. Likewise if the client, without an existent or imminent situation of danger, for any cause and/or reason, decides to disembark from the train before the final destination, it will be under his/her own risk and responsibility. If any other form of transportation is provided by the Operator to ensure that the client and its baggage are transported without delay or danger, and the client, in disagreement, decides not to use it, this will be done under the client’s own risk, responsibility and cost, with out any liability for the Operator.
  • 18. The Operator assumes no responsibility for plane connection losses or hotel no show penalties or other subsequent services arrangements, when they are caused by incidents beyond the Operator’s control, as the ones described in rules 13 to 18 of this contract.
  • Conditions for reimbursements of the train tickets:
  • 19. If there is a cancellation of a service by decision of the Operator, the client for whom a ticket was issued, has the right to claim for the total refund of the amount paid. This will be possible only by showing the original ticket.
  • 20. Clients not showing up for any scheduled services, at the train station, or any intermediate train stations, WILL AUTOMATICALLY LOSE ALL THE RIGHTS OVER THE PURCHASE OF THE TICKET. In this case, reimbursement will not be possible.
  • 21. In case the client declares the intention to cancel, rescheduling or rearranging the service, it has to be done at least 24 hours in advance from the scheduled service date and time, at the Operator’s sales office. Changes are subject to availability. Petitions for refund of paid amounts have to be done with the same anticipation. Requirements for cancellations, rescheduling or refunds will have a penalty of 10 % of the original paid amount, and will be done at the sales office in Pachacuteq Avenue, Wanchaq Train Station, Cusco.