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You can reserve directly through Hotel Marqueses Cusco
by clicking on this link
If you have a tour booked with SAS indicate this in your reservation when requested.

SAS Travel Peru

Price Information

US$ 90.00 p/person

(Based on Double / Triple accommodation)

Please Note

Luxury Rooms - Hotel Marqueses Cusco
Our spacious rooms are beautifully decorated with materials of the area, adorned in cedar and aliso wood. Some with balcony windows looking out over The famous Garcilaso Street where the Inca Garcilaso de Vega resided.

Some with upstairs sleeping areas to take advantage of the warmth under the characteristic high ceilings

Well lit rooms and heaters ensure your comfort and a great nights sleep on special queen size orthopeadic mattress.

Many of the second level rooms are brillantly illuminated with sun roofs.

SAS Travel Peru

If booking 6 nights we may be able to organise a free upgrade to delux so please request at time of booking.

SAS Travel Peru

Is it for me?

The beauty of hotel Marqueses is available for all as the hotel provides 3 types of room styles to meet differing personal requirements, desires and budgets while the charm of the Colonial style general areas can be shared by all.
One can appreciate that Marqueses Hotel accommodates many different tastes with a number of individually designed rooms.

SAS Travel Peru SAS Travel Peru SAS Travel Peru SAS Travel Peru SAS Travel Peru SAS Travel Peru SAS Travel Peru SAS Travel Peru

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Hotel Marqueses Cusco

Special Offer

Free cost Upgrades to Deluxe or Suites Rooms and Discounts for SAS Travel clients. It is a charming 3 start Boutique Hotel, located just one block from the Plaza de Armas (the Main Square of the City of Cusco, Peru).
The best location on town Only 4 Kilometer from Cusco´s International Jorge Chavez Airport, 10 minutes driving in our private transport. This central location is part of its popularity, close to all of the most important tourist attractions in this the famous capital of The Inca Empire. Marqueses Hotel is a beautiful Colonial house built at the end of XVI century that was restored and refurbished recently.
Hotel Marqueses is known for its incomparable hospitality and professional service. From the free shuttle transfers from the airport on your arrival to your return, you will enjoy a safe visit, wonderful attention and be pleasantly surprised by the warmth of the Andean Hospitality.
Due to the safe and strategic location you are within easy walking distance of the many historical places, museums, restaurants, cultural, artistic and traditional places of the Imperial Inca City.
From the Balcony windows of Calle Garcilaso, you can see The Main Cathedral in the Plaza de Armas of Cusco. Here one can also admire, the Jesuit Church “Compania de Jesus”, and remains of monumental Inca walls in many parts of the city. Being located between 3 main plazas provides tranquility, security and a wealth of cultural daily life. On one side of us is the beautiful Plaza “Kusipata” which translates as the plaza of “Joy” complete with fountain and on the other side the Plaza of San Fransisco layed out before the great San Fransisco Cathedral.

Hotel Marqueses is characterized by the enchanting style of a Colonial House, built by the Spanish Conquistadors in 1650. It conserves all the style of that time and has been refurbished on designs replicating those found in the original house and records. You will appreciate in the entrance some traditional paintings in coal where old scenes of Cusco are represented. Beautiful passageways conserving traditional features with an amazing ceiling worked in cedar.
In the entrance patio of the hotel stands a decorated fountain which is illuminated each night for one to appreciate its beauty.
The Private Family Chapel with another original painting, the “Virgen of Carmen” standing above the alter completes the traditional wealthy Colonial Family Home .
Combined with famous Cusquenan Art and other pieces you have the opportuninty to learn of some of the symbolic meanings often hidden to the tourist eye in Andean Art. There is also a huge 3 x 2 metre painting of the Nativity as you climb the stairwell to the second floor.

What is Included:

  • Standard Single Room US$ 70.00
  • Standard Double or Matrimonial US$ 90.00
  • De -Luxe Single US$ 90.00
  • De -Luxe Double or Matrimonial US$ 120.00
  • De -Luxe Triple US$ 140.00
  • Marqueses Suite Twin or Matrimonial US$ 160.00
  • All accomodations include Buffet breakfast, free internet use, taxes and courtesy shuttle transfers to and from the airport.
  • Both Delux and Standard Rooms have private bathrooms with 24 hour hot water . Delux rooms have shower and bath and the rooms are very spacious with much more natural lighting and character. They are located in the front courtyard area.
  • --
  • The Details of Our Rooms
  • All rooms are equipped with heating, cable T.V. and private bathrooms and room service.
  • Free Internet in our lobby room.
  • Free Transfer from Airport and Bus Terminals.
  • 24/7 Oxygen Assitance
  • 24/7 Madical Assistance (Contact with best Medical Clinics or Private Medicians)
  • Tourism Assistance connected with SAS Travel
  • **For those celebrating a special occasion, (maybe a Honeymoon) reserve:
  • "The Suite"**

Booking Information

  • Please feel free to contact us directly via our website for bookings
  • Hotel Marqueses Cusco
  • Calle Garcilaso N° 256
  • Cusco - Peru
  • phone: (+51 84) 264249 (+51 84) 264249
  • fax: (+51 84) 257819
  • e-mail:

Terms & Conditions

  • The HOTEL MARQUESES is great value in a prime safe location, only 1 and 1/2 blocks from the main plaza with a lovely colonial courtyard and refurbished rooms. It has an amazing history going back 400 years which is great for classic photos! All rooms are equipped with heating, security boxes, cable T.V and private bathrooms .
  • Includes buffet breakfast and free shuttle transfer to and from the airport. Access to an English speaking staff person 24 hours a day.
  • Marqueses Suite Twin or Matrimonial US$ 150.00 De-Luxe Single US$ 90.00 De-Luxe Double or Matrimonial US$ 110.00 De -Luxe Triple US$ 130.00
  • Additional Bed US$ 30.00
  • Standard Single Room US$ 60.00 Standard Double or Matrimonial US$ 80.00 Standard Triple US$ 100.00
  • Both Delux and Standard Rooms have private bathrooms with 24 hour hot water . Delux rooms have shower and bath and the rooms are very spacious with much more natural lighting and character. They are located in the front courtyard area. For those celebrating special occaisions, (maybe a Honeymoon) reserve “The Suite” - Valued at $150 for 2 persons … tastefully furnished spacious rooms !
  • The professional staff guarantee you a wonderful, safe and unforgetable visit to Cusco.
  • To recieve your free transfer from the airport please advise us of the full arrival details at least 3 days before arrival. Please send your flight arrival details (TIME / AIRLINE / FLIGHT #:/ DATE) to us once you have confirmed your flight. We need this information at least 3 days in advance. If you have any last minute flight changes ring (84 from Lima ) 264249 or if international use with country code (+51 84) 264249
  • Please note . Even though there are many people waiting around the airport trying to sell tours or hotels on your arrival…we do not have a Marqueses representative inside the airport except for the SAS transfer driver.
  • The SAS driver waits for you outside the arrival area with the SAS logo or Marqueses logo on a sign.
  • Checkout time is 10.00 am but you are welcome to leave luggage in storage for as long as you like!
  • Breakfast can be served from 05.30am if you indicate the night before.
  • Reconfirmation of domestic flights is a free service but please give the reception the details of your flight at least 2 days in anticipation so it can be reconfirmed and your shuttle transfer to the airport organised for you. We need your airline flight # and reservation code if you can find it. With Lan Peru flights you can do an online checkin select your seats and print out your boarding pass to allow your transfer to the airport to be organised for only 1 hour in advance. Otherwise with other airlines or without your boarding pass check in for domestic flights is required just under 2 hours before departure so we would need organise the transfer to the airport for around 2 hours before your flight time. Without the information in advance we may not be able to accommodate your transfer to the airport so please ensure you advise reception of your details early in your stay.
  • If you are feeling exceptionally ill for the altitude or any other health issue we generally contact Cusco Medical Assistance located in Av La Paz phone :224016 y 224178 and they work directly with peoples travel insurance to make things a bit easier.
  • Please note all rooms in the hotel are considered a smoke free zone. The open Colonial courtyard is the only area which is permitted for smoking to protect the art and historical items of the building.
  • Please feel free to use the book exchange in the second patio.
  • If you are unsure of anything that cannot be clarified easily through the hotel,
  • You can also ask Reception to contact Robyn to assist in English at any time.
  • FAILURE to contact the hotel at least 48 hours in advance to inform of a cancellation will result in a no show which authorizes the charge of the first nights accommodation. For bookings in June July and August cancellations must be confirmed at least 4 days in advance to avoid cancellation fees. (+51 84) 264249
  • In the case of a booking that reserves more than 3 rooms (ie group) a cancellation must be received by the hotel 5 days in advance to avoid a no show charge.